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Extra Services
& Helpful Information


To get the most out of your hearing aid's, we offer accessories such as TV connectors, roger pen, remotes and more!


Rechargeable hearing aids are great, but some like the peace of mind with the option of changing a battery when needed. We carry all size of batteries.

Caption Call

Caption call phones are available to anyone with a hearing loss at no cost! They can connect to your hearing aids and smart phone. Stop by and see it for yourself.

Telehealth & Hearing Aids

Telehealth is up and coming in all industries and utilized by all ages. Most manufacturers now offer a remote programming option allowing providers to make quick and easy hearing aid adjustments for you, all while remaining comfortable in your own home. Initial hearing tests and hearing aid fittings are done in person, but after that we have the ability to perform fine tuning adjustments from your smartphone. If you live out of town, are on vacation or are sick at home and need your hearing aids adjusted we will be able to make that happen for you. 

Maintenance Tips

Having a problem with your hearing aids?

Things that can cause your hearing aid to fail:

  • Ear wax build up: Ensure proper cleaning techniques have been performed

  • Moisture: Exposure to sweat, water, or high humidity can cause moisture to effect the electronics in your hearing aid.

  •  A defect, like many devices a failure may just be a manufactures defect and would often times be covered by your warranty 

  • Check your batteries, it is possible to get a bad battery. Try switching out the battery to a new one & after removing the tab, let it breathe for at least 1 minute or, for the best results, 5 minutes. By respecting this 'breathing time', you will extend the lifetime of your zinc air battery up to between 30 and 80%.


If none of these do the trick, please bring it into us and we will do everything we can to fix it in house before having to send it off to the manufacturer! 

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